Cloudflare’s policies around data privacy and law enforcement requests

Published by Cloudflare

The surge in cloud services and cross-border data storage presents challenges for global law enforcement. Service providers like Cloudflare face complexities in handling government data requests, given the entrusted user data. Differences in global data protection standards, like U.S. and EU regulations, add intricacies to legal frameworks. Recent EU legal precedents highlight flaws in U.S. data access restrictions, with the European Data Protection Board emphasizing the need for EU oversight. These disputes center on the appropriateness of governments accessing foreign citizens' data, extending globally as a national security concern.

This paper outlines these policies and provides links to more detailed information about various
facets of our approach to data privacy and compliance. Specifically, it covers:
• Our view on the changing data privacy landscape
• Our policies around data privacy and data requests

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